Corona Update

666-LAN postponed to 15-16-17 April

It is with heavy heart that we must announce that 666-LAN will be postponed. The September edition will be cancelled and moved to 15-16-17 April 2022.

Since the start of the Covid-19 period we had arranged for this back-up plan but up until the latest government decision to change the rules for events once again, we didn’t think that we would need to use it. However, the new framework has made it impossible for us to organize a 3 day long, indoor event with sleepover facilities and the possibility to freely enter and leave the event venue.

Just like with Pukkelpop, CU-LAN and other events, the new 24/48 hour limit for antigen and PCR-tests respectively pose great problems for our event. Before this change we had the option to test every not fully vaccinated participant, crew member, visitor and partner once with an antigen test. We do have medical professionals that are certified to carry out these tests and this test would stay valid for 72 hours, broadly covering the whole event. With the new 24 hour limit for this test, we would have to triple the amount of tests, as well as expand the “safe bubble” of the event outside of the event space itself. We do not have enough medically trained personnel, space and overall test capacity to be able to organize this.

Additionally, we would have to heavily restrict the flow of participants and visitors in and out of the event space. Teams and communities also have the risk that one of their members tests positively resulting in teams that get broken up right before their tournament. The Belgian government also imposes travel restrictions for people from the Netherlands and other countries, causing problems for many of the teams and communities that we would otherwise see at our event. We feel that this would also heavily affect the spirit and DNA of our event.

All of the above has led to us making the decision to postpone the event to April next year.


What do I do if I already bought a ticket?

Just like we have communicated from the moment we first announced the event, your ticket will remain valid for the April edition of the event. Of course, there is also the option to get your ticket refunded. We will be reaching out to everyone that has already bought a ticket. If you don’t receive a message from us within a week, please contact us through our social media or by email.


This situation saddens us greatly, as we had hoped to finally bring the LAN community back together for the first time in almost 2 years. We hope to see you all in April anyway and together we’ll make it a spectacular LAN-party!