general rules

We expect every Participant to abide the following rules.

Respect: We expect that all participant behave themselves respectfully towards each other and the compo-admins.
In the event of disrespectful behavior towards another participant / crew / member / visitor / …,  the administrators reserve the right to, in their sole discretion ,exclude or remove the offender from all further competitions.

Fairplay: On the 666 – lan there is a zero tolerance policy in regards to cheating . We expect players to play fair both against their opponents and with their team. If you suspect your opponent or someone in your  team is cheating/ exploiting the rules contact the respective admin at the compo desk.

Discipline: In case of conflict the decision made by the crew will have the final say.If you feel you have been treated unfairly you can contact the admin of your tournament at the compo desk. He or she will listen to your complaint and make a final decision.

Participation:  All players who have been signed in, in one or more competitions, are expected to remain available at all times throughout the day. This is incase matches have to be moved forward or backwards to accommodate players with conflicting match schedules or other unforeseen reasons.


To be announced


Cheating: Any form of cheating/bug abuse/scripts or any illegal form which puts a player in a better position in the game. The player will be removed from all compos and the team that he/she was a part of will be forfeiting all their already played games. 

playing  more than one compo: Assume that you’ll play your matches within the given period (see schedule), so if two games have to be played at a certain time and you can’t combine it, you’ll need to choose one compo and thus forfait the other compo. 

Schedule: A timetable containing the starting hours of each compo will be made and published. To ensure a smooth experience there is a 15 minute buffer. If the match has not started yet after these 15 minutes without a valid reason the responsible party will be considered to have forfeited the match. in case both parties fail to show up at the required time the match will be voided with neither side advancing.

Valid reasons to ask for a delay: computer issues – problems caused by the 666 public lan – medical issues
Invalid reasons: “ we are eating” – a team member is missing/ sleeping

Compo rules:  It is possible that the rules of a competition change for whichever reason without a public announcement. It falls upon the team captains shoulders to ensure they know the rules

expulsion: The admin retains the right to expel a participant from their competition. This can happen because of multiple reasons, including, but not limited to:

  • moral conduct
  • cheating
  • repeatedly to late

in a team based game, the remaining members may continue to play in the tournament.

Conflict: Applying a conflict:
in case you suspect foul play or a wrong score has been noted, contact the compo admin as soon as possible at the compo desk. It falls upon the person filing the complaint to supply evidence of his/her claim. this can be in the form of screenshots, text messages or video. only after supplying evidence will your case will be reviewed. The decision made by  the admin is the final decision.

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