Cooler Master partner of the 666-Lan party

We all know Cooler Master with their beautiful design stuff from keyboards to practical cases.
We are therefore very enthusiastic that they want to provide our main compo of Rainbow 6 with great prices from Cooler Master. Hereby we are very happy to announce that they will be a partner of our event here in Belgium.

Geekbay partner of the 666-Lan party

We know that CS:GO players love their skins and certainly their knives. But what's better than CS:GO knive skins?
The real deal of course! And that's exactly what our latest sponsor Geekbay offers: 5 actual, real life karambit Crimson Web knives and 10 karambit keychains! 😮
These will be added to the prize pool of our CS:GO compos. Geekbay is the place to be!

Fractal design partner of the 666-Lan party

Fractal wil provide us with cool cases and fans to make your pc getting that look everyone want!
To win the prizes just come and play ower compo's @ the 666-lan

be quiet! partner of the 666-Lan party

be quiet! No, we aren't giving you an order, we're announcing our latest sponsor: be quiet! 
They will provide us with 5 of their top notch PURE BASE 500 Window tower-cases

ALTERNATE partner of the 666-Lan party

Alternate will be present at 666-lan because why not?
We provide Belgian gamers with their gear and computers since 2007 and now it is time to get more involved with our fellow gamers.
What can you except from Alternate on 666-lan? Awesome technical support, wicked deals, SpeedRunners competition and much more.
Are you guys ready? Because we are. hashtag#Alternate666

Noctua sponsor of the 666-Lan party

From today we are happy to welcome a new sponsor.
Noctua will provide us with nice CPU-coolers for the winners of our compos.
One more reason to be sure about our Kick-ass event.

D-Link as our newest sponsor

Today we can announce that DLink will sponsor our Lan with great hardware prizes.
D-Link is a leader when it comes to wireless internet connections.
We can say that the hardware prices will really be worth it.

Website is live and ticket sales are open

Proud to present the opening of the 666-Lan party website.
Tickets are now available !! here